best meal replacement shake ever

I've tried ALOT of shakes & hands down this is the best tasting. Taste great with unsweetened almond milk!


Creamy and yummy vanilla flavor! Hard to choose between it and the chocolate. Great tasting meal replacement that tastes more like a treat. Delicious! I like it best mixed with unsweetened coconut milk.

seriously delish!

I was really afraid to try a nutrition shake because I was afraid it would taste like a vitamin bottle -- BUT, Toppfast shakes are smooth and yummy and delicious!
My kids come running when they hear my blender running because they want a shake too, so I have made the habit to make extra!
I like to add it to almond milk, with a handful of ice and a little bit of fruit to make a delicious smoothie that keeps me on track!


I love this product also. I tried it with my empower coffee as a shake and it was awesome. Not gritty or thick. Its a great meal replacement.


I have tried many shakes but Chocolate and Vanilla are my favorite ones. I'm not a breakfast person so I drink this as a meal replacement and it holds me over till lunch.


Quick, easy, delicious & healthy shake that even my son loves! I add Nfuse vitamins, a little almond milk, water & ice mixed in my Nutribullet & done! Keeps me full for hours and gives me lots of good nutrition to start my day.


I like to use this in place so breakfast or lunch. I get the full feeling with all the nutrients. It mixes very smooth and not that gritty taste. I like to mix it with fresh fruits and almond milk! I love the taste of it.


I like the Toppfast as a meal replacement on the go!! Flavorful and not gritty!! Mixes well... I like both the chocolate and the vanilla flavors. Ive added natural peanut butter to both as a change of pace...

Love it!

I have been drinking protein shakes for years but just started drinking this one. I love the flavor and the easy mixability (is that even a word?) I change it up lots of ways, such as adding peanut butter or various fruits. Your imagine can come up with all sorts of variations!


Love taking vanilla Toppfast and adding frozen fruit to it in the blender to make a healthy ice cream for my children!

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