Chocolate ToppFast is a must in our house. We love it. I mix it and add a scoop of peanut butter and it takes like a Reese cup. It feels me up and satisfy the sweet tooth. My daughter loves to drink this when she has her braces tightened down and her mouth is sore.


I’ve tried many different shakes before but Sabas toppfast is an excellent meal replacement. Very good taste and not at all chalky like others I’ve tried. If you are looking for a meal replacement this is a great choice!


Great product!! This is my breakfast every morning!


Best tasting chocolate meal replacement I have found! I love Saba Toppfast Chocolate shake by itself as a quick meal on the go or mixed with my morning Saba Empower Smart Coffee for a wake me up treat.


ToppFast Chocolate Shakes are super yummy! My kids ask for them and come running to get theirs when they hear the blender. This is a great way to stay on track. Mix it in just water or milk, almond milk etc - or blend it up in the blender with some ice for a real treat!
Bonus - ToppFast mixes amazing with my Empower Smart Coffee! YUM! I get my own Frappe' that beats out any coffee shop - AND it is GOOD for me :)


I tried a couple of samples of this with my Empower coffee as a cold drink and it was ok but to thick for me. Love the vanilla better.


Great meal replacement with a great taste.


The chocolate toppfast is so good. I've never loved protein or meal replacement shakes they were always to gritty or chalky with a nasty after taste with this chocoalte toppfast that is no the case at all. It's smooth tastes good just with almond milk or mixed in a smoothie. It works perfect for my early work days quick to make and keeps me full til lunch time


The Saba ToppFast chocolate flavor is a great tasting protein drink or meal on the go. It also tastes great when mixed with the Saba Empower Smart Coffee.

Chocolate ToppFast

This shake is yummy with water or unsweetened almond milk. I add natural peanut butter sometimes too and it taste like a peanut butter cup. My son has drank a ToppFast Shake every morning before school since we learned about it. He hates to eat early in the mornings but he ask for a shake EVERYDAY.. it has so many more nutrients in it than any food he’d eat so that is a Win Win!!

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