Great Detox

I love the co clenze! It takes all the toxins out of your body and when I followed the 5 day meal plan with it I lost 8lbs!! I've had 3 csections and this is the ONLY product that keeps me regular.


The Co-Clenz is amazing. I can take it on the 5 day cleanse and it helps rid my body of toxins. It isn't harsh and keep you in the bathroom. The last cleanse I did with this product I lost 9.8 lbs and 10 1/2 inches overall.


Probably one of my absolute favorite products . I’ve always had issues with being regular and this product has gently helped me become regular on a regular basis Lol. Also a must during our amazing 5 day cleanse plan. Very gentle no running to the bathroom. Very good product!!


Great and gentle cleanse! Very easy on your system, no cramping. When I used this product with the recommended Saba60 Meal plan I lost many inches in just 5 days! Definitely recommend using this product first when making a commitment to jump start a healthy lifestyle.

Amazing results!

Co-Clenz is one of the most effective products I have ever used. The first time I tried it, I followed the Clenz meal plan and lost NINE pounds in five days with just this product! I like to use it for a few days after I have been off track - or to kick off a new Saba 60 round or to get 'over a hump' when I have plateaued.
Co - Clenz is gentle and never puts me in a 911 situation. I seriously love it and have not been without it for nearly five years!

Exec Plat Director

Saba CoClenz is my "go to" for a gentle cleanse when ever needed!
Natural and gentle on the system!


We all need a restart and Saba co clenz helps with just that!! Love that it helps flush you put but not to the point your rushing to the toilet. Personally I do a clenz every 60-90days and now I almost look forward to the resart instead of dreading it LOVE SABA CO CLENZ


I love this stuff.. so gentle. No spending hours in or running to the bathroom. I’ve always had bathroom “issues” and would have to suffer all week to wait & take OTC stuff on Fri IF I didn’t have to leave the house on Sat. With Co-Clenz I can take it anyway no matter what I have going on with no fear of having to find a restroom or of getting stuck in traffic.


I juist started taking this it has helped me become regular. I'm also using it for the cleanse part too!!!


I was a little worried the first time I used this product after other people scared me with their cleanse stories, but thankfully this is a very smooth product you take at night. No need to hang around a bathroom all day, just give myself a little extra time in the morning & I'm good all day. I've also used this to help when I felt like things weren't moving along as they should; works while you're sleeping for gentle relief in the morning!

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