Love the uncaffeinated blue ketosurge!! Very good mild flavor that keeps me reaching for my water bottle!! Also helps balance my ketosis levels. I stay hydrated as I keep filling up my water more frequently after drinking my ketones.


I drink 1 when I go to the gym. I could tell a BIG difference especially when working out with my trainer. It’s Delicious and it gives me a TON of energy.
SHE even noticed without me even telling her about it. The red has caffeine & there’s a blue one that is caffeine free.


This tastes like bubble gum! Super good and easy to drink on the go. Just fill your shaker cup with this, water and a bunch of ice and you're good to go. Plus, who doesn't love burning fat while enjoying something that tastes like candy?!


I love the taste and I can keep adding water to my shaker bottle all day. This helps me when I am having a sluggish day to keep on track with my ketosis levels

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